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Hit Send

Hit send. We do it for countless text messages and emails every day. It’s a widely accepted form of communication. It’s quick and easy. Recently the drummer for the band Pearl Jam tested positive for Covid, a Californian teenager who had sent the band his drumming video got a chance to play with the 90’s …

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The Biddy Contract will have its first public reading on Saturday, May 14 at 1:45 at LaMaMa Galleria, 47 Great Jones Street, NYC. Tickets are free but limited. Reserve at Eventbrite: I wrote this play about sixteen-year-old, Margaret Frances Rafferty who emigrates to the United States from Ireland to work as a maid for …

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…Some Explanation

I’ve been absent but not idle. Since the title of my blog is No Apology…Some Explanation, here’s some explanation. I ventured way outside my writing comfort zone and took a class on screenwriting. One might think, “Playwrighting versus screenwriting, what’s the difference?”  The difference is huge. While it was my idea and treatment of the …

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I watch the Olympics. It’s pleasant television viewing. As the games have changed so has my viewing tastes. As the games have changed so has my viewing tastes. I’m not as glued to the games but I wanted to see Shaun White, the snowboarder. I remember him as the Flying Tomato. He ditched that persona …

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There are earworms that seem to be universal at least in households with young children. Let It Go from Disney’s Frozen has been penetrating our brains for almost two decades with no end in sight.  There are others popular tunes, some that trigger fear in parents’ brains.  While theater people shudder when the actual name …


Patience is a Virtue

Patience is usually discussed when serenity and calm are nowhere in evidence. In fact, the patience card is often played by the entity in the more powerful position.  In my personal experience, I get told to be patient when someone doesn’t want to admit they screwed up. “The Importance of Being Earnest,” billed as a …

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