Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Should I Stay or Should I Go was a song by the English punk rock band the Clash from their 1982 album Combat Rock. I liked the song but I had to look up this information. I was never a big punk rock fan. This song has been giving an earworm for the last two months.

Anatomy of a Vacation

Some vacations are life events. I’m not talking about jetting off to Europe but the family vacation that happens in the same, or sort of the same location every year. For my family it has always been the Jersey Shore.  


It’s been a long, hot summer waiting for vacation.  This year it’s the very last week of August. The plan was made in February, for a covid responsible trip, both families and me. The “when can we have a sleepover again” crowd, all seven grandchildren can’t wait.


Why is everyone in a mood to pick a fight.


TEN Ten is a significant number. Ten fingers. Ten toes. It’s a handful and a decade. Wow. My granddaughter turned ten on the Fourth of July.  Katy Perry sings it: Baby, you’re a fireworkCome on, let your colors burst It was a rare thing for me to miss the Fourth of July firework display but …

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Hey, Shepherds

My older daughter walks her three children to school each morning. Sounds very 1950’s, except that she like many other people is working from home these days. It’s a two-mile roundtrip; three kids, three different schools. It’s good exercise for everyone and pushing a stroller with a toddler in it as well as backpacks and …

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Watergate gave us the phrase: “What did you know and when did you know it?” While that phrase is used in the pursuit of getting to the bottom of underhanded dealings, it fits everyone’s life journey. Some people have a plan from childhood and live it out. I’m in the category of people who made …

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The anticipation for Memorial Day as the unofficial start of summer, fills us with almost as much excitement as the onset of the Christmas season. By the 15th of May there is no other conversation than what is going to happen this summer. As a high school teacher, it was clear that the curriculum had …

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At the beginning of the month, my seven grandchildren were together for a birthday party.  Given the year we’ve hadbeing together was a rare event and they had a great day doing little more than running in the yard. When together and left to their own devices they have an energy in volume, speed and …

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Keys, money, phone

About seven years ago, then Vice President Biden referred to the condition of La Guardia Airport as that of a third world country.  I remember the outrage created by his statement. The Port Authority couldn’t bare the shame of the truth being exposed that it launched a multimillion-dollar renovation of LaGuardia. Other airports were to …

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